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Black Box Dentistry

The Pandemic has made Black Box Dentistry more relevant than ever. Ensuring that we assist the dental team to manage the stresses and challenges that Covid 19 has brought to the profession and everyday life has been remarkable.

We continue to focus on the core element of working with dental professionals from across the industry and all roles involved in dentistry. This has helped reduce stress, improved efficiency, saved money and ensured a better work life balance as well as crucially, providing tools and methods to help increase patient safety.

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As well as assisting dental teams, we are an integral part of the newly formed Panel For the Advancement of Human Factors in Dentistry. The panel is made up of an eclectic and talented group of professionals that bring exceptional skills. We believe this panel will have a hugely positive effect on the dental profession. As soon as more detail is available we will let you know via social media.

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