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The demands placed on individuals in technically diverse roles continues to evolve at an ever increasingly fast pace. However, aptitude and ability tests used to select individuals into these roles haven’t.

Until Now.

Our tests are brand new to market and offer something beyond traditional pilot testing methods.

We work with industry leading experts, Eikonika & Psytech and supply aptitude and ability testing that have been designed specifically for technical roles in the aviation industry. The tests can be used to help select both ab-initio and fully qualified pilots as well as R-PAS pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and other technical roles. All our tests are set in the aviation context and therefore act as an excellent realistic job preview for candidates.

Turn Key Solutions Available.


Aptitude Testing

Crew Capacity Test

In this test, candidates are immersed into a live aviation environment and asked to take part in a range of different problems happening simultaneously.

Measures: Cognitive capacity, memory, multi-tasking skills, monitoring, responding to auditory cues, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning

Technical Reasoning Test

In this test, candidates are asked to solve a range of numerical reasoning exercises using information available to them from a range of sources. As with all our tests, all of the questions and issues faced are set within an aviation context.

Measures: Verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, memory, technical reasoning

Handling Skills

In this test, candidates take part in realistic tasks in a flight deck environment. They are asked to follow instructions and follow with suitable inputs on controls. This is a new innovative take on tracking tasks which are commonly used as part of pilot selection.

Measures: Hand-eye co-ordination, handling skills


Ability Testing


This is a test of logical reasoning.

Candidates are asked to follow a set of rules and instructions in order to come up with the correct response to a sequence of pattern.


In this test, candidates are asked complete a set of simple mental arithmetic calculations.

Specifically designed for the aviation market where fast and accurate calculations need to be made, Predict Numeric is to be completed without a calculator.


This is a test of spatial reasoning.

In this test, the candidate are asked to move an object in 3-dimensional space and then respond by choosing one of the multiple choice responses.

A little about our partners.

Dr Johnathan Bradshaw

Dr Jonathan Bradshaw is a Chartered Psychologist with a background in cognitive psychology and over twenty-five years experience in aircrew selection, psychometrics and operational HR research. Specialising in product development he has created and advised on a wide range of psychological measures, from cognitive and situation judgment tests to organisational questioannaires and assessment centre exercises.

Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching began his career serving in the engineering branch of the Royal Air Force, developing the RAF pilot and aircrew computer based selection system. Having developed software and selection systems used worldwide by airforces and airlines around the world, Alan’s expertise is widespread and through Psytech Ltd, he has developed systems that offer unique and engaging selection solutions.

Together Turnpoint, Jonathan and Alan offer psychometric capability and capacity testing as well as the opportunity to combine this with the latest selection techniques and processes tailored to your specific needs.

The Turnpoint Team are more than happy to talk to provide you with further information on the tests including norm (comparison) groups as well as help you construct your ideal test battery using a combination of our tests.

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