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It was with great pride that today TurnPoint launched at University of West London, the career university. If you are looking for somewhere to start your aviation career then specialises in helping you realise your aspirations.

Our CEO Andy Perkins said the following:

On 15th June 1919 – Alcock and Brown made the first flight across the Atlantic. When he landed Brown contacted the love of his life, his fiancée Kathleen who lived in Ealing……

So in effect Ealing is where the heart of transatlantic aviation lives….. On a serious note, in 2019 if you want to get yourself established in an aviation career there is nowhere better than studying at the No. 1 Modern university in London. The FlightPad offers a world class airline environment in which to gain that experience. Today we will launch the public side of this first class facility where we will enable anyone with the passion, but with a focus on the next generation of pilots, to take to the skies. Having the right setting to help develop the skills and behavioural traits required / demanded of the busy and highly technical aviation industry of 2019 is vital. Having worked in industry for a couple of decades, it is great to be working in partnership with UWL to deliver industry relevant training that will ensure the right people learn the right skills.

FlightPad contains a generic 737 simulator that can fly you anywhere in the world. In addition we have a cabin mock up that will allow you to taste some of the unique training that goes on to ensure your safety and comfort at 36,000 ft.

If you want to learn how to fly, want to understand how aviation has developed teamworking at 36,000 ft, want to know how to deal with emergency situations, want to develop your team by seeing how aviation pulls the team together, then we have options for you.

In addition with Pillars only 3 doors down, there are catering delights to compliment your training experience with fine dining and coming this autumn some unique aviation evenings…..

This is just the beginning….. We want to help you realise your ambitions, in career terms, in business and also for those who are just fascinated by aviation.

Come and see us…. Come and try the facilities for yourself.

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